Advanced Features have been added to VIPRE Business and VIPRE Business Premium:

Roaming Agent Technology: The VIPRE Roaming Service helps manage computers that are off-site. What happens when administrators have difficulty ensuring network security because they have little to no control over the business antivirus agents outside of their reach? Outside of their organizations server? From remote offices where they have no connection, as well as road warriors using Laptops (that are no longer connected to the organizations network)? How does the admin get status on those computers? How can the admin verify that those machines received threat definition updates or policy updates? The answer is the VIPRE Roaming Service! This feature permits the admin to get status on those off site computers, enabling those computers to verify threat definition updates / policy updates, detection scans, and more have taken place by connection via web.

Threat Track has Servers in the cloud that now provide the link between the management console and the Agents themselves. Roaming Agents can now report scan results to the server. Now policy updates and threat definitions can be ‘pushed’ down to agents through the VIPRE Roaming Service. All of this communication is secure, traveling over https, so no Firewall changes and configurations are required.

This benefits organizations that have satellite locations, road warriors and remote users, as well as service providers who do not want to install servers at client locations.

Unprotected Computer Alert Technology: This is an analytical advancement used to detect, identify, and alert the admin of computers without VIPRE’s protection. This is vital when you think your network is protected (even if VIPRE is installed) but no agents are found in the local agent catalog. Now the admin of VIPRE can know which computers have a VIPRE agent managed by a central console, and which computers do not.

Automatic Policy Assignment: Used to detect what type of computer VIPRE is being deployed to and assist with configuring. This is helpful so that the appropriate Default Policy (exclusions and configurations) can be applied based on what type of machine has been detected.

Mobile Device Management: In order to protect a network from smartphones and tablet computers, VIPRE has updated protections for both iOS and Android platforms. In addition to detecting mobile devices, remote locking and wiping technologies, VIPRE Mobile Device Management can now clear device passcodes from the console, it can do Factory Resetting, and also perform Wireless Network Management features.

Custom Scanning: VIPRE enables the admin to create a customized scan within the Policy Properties. The issue: Custom scans used to be only configurable from the Agent, where all the settings were ‘exposed’ on the agent. This was an issue in that an admin could not create a custom scan from the console, while end users could at the end point level (if granted access by the admin).
The Solution: Give an admin the ability to create custom scans within the Policy Properties. This also permits an admin to create multiple scans. This permits the admin to scan what they want as well as when they want to.

VIPRE Rapid Scan: One of the reasons VIPRE Business is efficient on system resources is because it does not create additional work where it is not needed. This is true thanks to the VIPRE Rapid Scan feature, which keeps a list of files that were scanned and identified as good, infection free files. Those files would not need to be scanned twice, as they would have already been previously scanned and found to be ok (they look for only files that have been changed since the last scan took place). VIPRE Rapid Scan is generally used in the Custom Scan configurations.

Password Protection for VIPRE Agents
: Question: How do you prevent a VIPRE Agent from being uninstalled without your authorization? If an Agent is shown in the installed programs, some users could uninstall that agent, causing a serious security risk.

Answer: Password Protection for VIPRE Business Agents provides the admin with the ability to issue access control on VIPRE Agents. This helps organizations to protect their workstations and ensure no one can purposefully or accidentally remove VIPRE. Created in the policy configurations, an admin can permit a VIPRE Agent to show up in the installed programs listing of a computer, but in order to uninstall it, a password can be made mandatory. When a user attempts to uninstall it, that user is prompted for a password.

VIPRE Agent Installation Wizard: When deploying VIPRE, a common question asked is: What is the best way to install VIPRE? Is there a preferred installer and if so, how do I get it? The Installation Wizard is now able to walk admins through the steps to create the right installer based on the admin’s specific needs. This Installation Wizard offers popular methods with explanations on how to deploy VIPRE. VIPRE Agent software can be installed on a variety of devices, ranging from Windows computers (including servers), Windows servers with enabled Hyper-V role, iOS devices, Macs, and Android devices. Once the admin chooses the device, they can choose the Policy for that device (VIPRE Policies are sets of configurations. They determine how Agents will behave. Policies also provide a logical grouping for similar Agents).